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MPHC Volunteers

Mountain Park Launches Volunteer Program

March 30, 2017

Mountain Park is always launching new programs to better the overall wellbeing of our patients and employees. This past October, we started our Volunteer Program. Learn more about the program and become a volunteer!


MPHC Team using telehealth to improve patient engagement

Using Technology to Improve Patient Engagement

March 27, 2017

It’s been a year since our Patient Engagement team was formed in order to help Mountain Park better serve our patients through the use of technology. Learn about all the things we have accomplished and our goals for 2017.


Kids kissing their mom

Keeping Us Happy and Healthy

March 20, 2017

Did you know that Jennifer has worked at Mountain Park for almost three decades? Thanks to her hard work, Mountain Park has is able to offer our staff and patients some amazing wellness programs.


Helping My Patients Feel at Ease Photo

Helping My Patients Feel at Ease

March 17, 2017

Dr. Leah Tekle’s mission is to make all her patients love the dentist. See how she is doing it and why Mountain Park is a great fit for her.


Old woman having physical exam

Fostering Partnerships in our Community

March 13, 2017

Building partnerships is the key to successfully meeting community needs. Mountain Park and Island Liaison began their partnership over five years ago and since together they’ve improved the health of the Marshallese community in the Valley.


Baby having dental screening

Free Dental Screenings Reduce Tooth Decay Rates

March 07, 2017

This past year we launched our integrated dental program. Now, our pediatric patients can get a free dental screening during their well-check visit. Learn more about the program and how we’re helping keep teeth healthy.


Lucy - MPHC Patient with doctor

A Weight Loss Success Story

January 30, 2017

Learn how Lucy lost 80 pounds with the help of the Mountain Park team.


Interpreter with doctor and patients

Building Trust through our Interpreters

January 28, 2017

Ensuring all families have access to our services and programs, no matter what language they speak, is at the heart of Mountain Park’s Language Access Plan.



Going Above and Beyond for Our Patients

January 09, 2017

From the moment you walk into our Gateway Clinic, one person in particular always stands out. Read about what makes Lina Ali so special.


Dr. Swagert with MPHC Team

Dr. Swagert: Our 2016 Impact

December 30, 2016

Dr. Swagert shares some of Mountain Park’s 2016 accomplishments.


Refurb workers

One Step Closer

November 14, 2016

Our construction crew is hard at working making our new Tempe Clinic a state-of-the art healthcare facility for all of our East Valley patients. Check out the latest construction update and some cool photos of our progress!


MPHC Staff with kids during Back to School Night

Helping People is A Gift I Have to Offer

November 11, 2016

Some people were born with the gift to light up the room and make anyone feel at ease and comfortable. This characteristic comes in handy in the healthcare world and Stephanie, our MA Lead, exemplifies what that means.



Improving Outcomes, Protecting our Patients

November 09, 2016

Julie Lugo is one of several people who has worked at Mountain Park for over a decade. The work she does with our Eligibility Team gives all our patients affordable, quality care. Learn more about Julie today.


Dr. Van and Baby Hawas

Being a Pediatrician Inspires me Every Day

October 26, 2016

A Pediatrician for over 45 years, and a member of the Mountain Park family for the past 13 years, Dr. William Van Arsdell always felt a calling to practice medicine, specifically in community health. To learn more about him and his dedication to his patients, read his story.


MPHC Staff with Patient with gestational diabetes

How We Help Our Pregnant Patients Manage Gestational Diabetes

October 21, 2016

Mountain Park Health Center is known for its unique approach to healthcare, providing our patients with many different options so they receive the best care possible. One area where this approach is useful is with pregnant women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Learn more here.


Kids served photo

Helping Keep Arizona Children Healthy

September 30, 2016

Mountain Park wants all patients—especially our youngest ones—to live long and healthy lives. With our integrated services under one roof, we are able to give our children all-inclusive care while adapting to their individual needs.


Rajal and her parents

Finding Passion in Pharmacy

September 26, 2016

Rajal has always loved science and chemistry. But, it’s not until she moved to the U.S. that Pharmacy grasped her attention. After graduation she started working at Mountain Park because she has always interested in collaborative care. Check out her story!


MPHC Team at groundbreaking for Tempe Clinic

New Medical Home Coming to Tempe Community

September 23, 2016

On Wednesday, September 14, excitement was in the air at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of our new Tempe Clinic scheduled to open in 2017. Check out the highlights and photos from the event.


Before and After photo of Christine

Christine Wins Personal Achievement Award

September 14, 2016

Christine Garcia was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes two years ago and with the help from her coworkers, our medical team and her competitive nature she was able to beat the disease. She is now healthier than she has ever been before.