Joaquina - MPHC Patient with family

Joaquina, A Patient’s Story

February 01, 2016 | /

When Cancer Hits Too Close to Home, Mountain Park is Here to Help

About 13 years ago, Joaquina became a part of the Mountain Park family. She walked in with no expectations and walked out with the best experience and new friends—she felt like she belonged.

“When I first came, I couldn’t afford much, so the staff provided me with the discount program,” she said. “From day one, my visits have always been routine. I’ve always been healthy, but one day that changed, and my world came to a halt.”

In 2013, Joaquina found out she had breast cancer. A routine mammogram discovered the lesion and within days a diagnostic mammogram and biopsy were scheduled. The Mountain Park Care Team instantly jumped in to give her the support she would need through the difficult time ahead.

Joaquina’s husband has been there every step of the way and supported her. 

As devastating as the news was, Joaquina knew she couldn’t give up hope. She had a family to fight for.

Everyone sought out resources to help her and that’s when she realized Mountain Park was fighting for her just like she was fighting for her family.

Jessica Padilla, a Mountain Park Cancer Navigator, was immediately there to help guide Joaquina.

“When I met Jessica, I knew she was more than a Mountain Park employee, she became my family,” Joaquina said.

“Each year Mountain Park receives a Susan G. Komen Arizona grant that covers breast cancer treatment for a specified number of patients,” Jessica explained. “Joaquina just missed our grant eligibility, but that didn’t stop me. I filed an application with our primary partner hospital to get her the care she needed. A few days later I got word that they would be taking her on as a patient.”

“Joaquina is very special,” Jessica said. “She is so thankful for everything and for everyone and she’s a great patient advocate within this community.”

Often, people give up and lose hope because they don’t have the support and resources that they need and are entitled to. At Mountain Park, patients are given both.

“I have sent many people to Mountain Park,” Joaquina said. “By seeing what happened to me and the help I received, I want others to have that privilege too. Thank you, Mountain Park, for allowing this mother to continue to be with her children.”

To view Joaquina’s journey with Mountain Park, click on the video above. To view more of our patient stories, visit our “Hear Our Stories” tab located in the About Us section.

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