Dr. Wylie Carhartt with Lauren and pet on a mountain hike

Meet Our Provider: Dr. Wylie Carhartt

February 12, 2016 | /

Dr. Carhartt, Noah and his wife, Lauren enjoy a nightly snuggle. 

Wylie Carhartt, M.D., loves everything about being a physician. From educating and empowering patients to being their advocate, Dr. Carhartt has wanted to practice medicine for as long as he can remember.

“My parents worked in medicine together,” he said. “My dad was a physician and my mom, a nurse. I remember being a little boy and looking forward to going to their office and helping them after school.”

Although Dr. Carhartt had a passion for medicine, his parents wanted him to pursue a different career.

“I remember my parents telling me to not go into medicine,” he said. “While at school, I started with medical research studying diabetes. Part of my education required interacting with patients for these studies and I loved that part of it, that’s why I followed my dad’s footsteps and became a physician. Plus, my dad has had a huge impact on my life and taught me to be the person I am today.”

During school Dr. Carhartt decided to do a dual-residency program focusing on Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. This gave him the opportunity to take care of patients from infancy to adulthood.

Five years ago Dr. Carhartt moved to Phoenix to pursue both of his passions and explore the Southwest, which lead to him meeting his wife, Lauren, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

“We met and a few of our friends got us together for a game night, and the rest is history,” he said. “Marrying her was the happiest day of my life.”

Dr. Carhartt and Lauren have been married for two years and recently had their first son, Noah. He admits how much his life has changed, personally and professionally, after having a baby.

Lauren and Dr. Carhartt enjoy traveling to new places. 

“I used to get hurt when my fellow doctors would tell me ‘Just wait till you have kids, you will be such a better doctor,’” he said. “It annoyed me because I thought I knew the ropes from my studies, but now looking back I can agree that I’ve become a different doctor. From the way I care, to the way I educate and present things to family members and parents, I see a change in me since becoming a dad.”

Dr. Carhartt and his wife love to travel together and try to go places as often as possible. This summer the family is heading to England, Scotland and Ireland for two weeks.

“We also love visiting National Parks, my favorite being Yellowstone because it’s such a great place to see various animals and take kids to,” he said.

Dr. Carhartt has been at Mountain Park for six months and works at our Baseline Clinic.

“I tell everyone how amazing Mountain Park is. I love the staff, and how happy everyone is. I especially like how everyone is interested in the community and engaged in what we do.”

Dr. Carhartt believes that every patient should know a few things about receiving care at Mountain Park. “First there are a tremendous amount of resources that are available to the patients, they just have to come here to get it,” he said. “We also are a proactive organization that tries to improve the system every day so we can provide excellent healthcare to those who need it.”

Fun Fact: “I’m fascinated by dinosaurs. I can’t get over that childhood obsession, so if I had to pick a time to live in, I would have to say the Jurassic Period.”

Words of Wisdom: “When you are a student, no matter what profession, and you have to find someone to shadow or find a mentor, always make sure that they love their job and are positive in their life.”

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