Jiori Orfanos, FP

Tanisha Kindred, FNP

Debra Iglesias, FNP

Jacqueline (Jackie) Ronsayro, FNP

Tanisha Kindred, FNP

Education:    Clinic: Goodyear

Jiori Orfanos, FNP

Education:    Clinic: Maryvale

Kimberlee Ellison, NP

Education: Maryville University Clinic: Tempe I love working with people and helping them which is why I decided to go into healthcare. I worked as a nurse for 10 years before transitioning into a nurse practitioner. I wanted to come to Mountain Park because of the mission. I love being able to provide care to those who need it most. … Read More

Magdalena Castillo, FNP

Education: Walden University  Clinic: Maryvale I have always enjoyed helping people and the medical field was a perfect fit for me. Mountain Park does so much for the community and I’ve always enjoyed being in public health, I feel that it’s my calling. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be here. I believe that healthcare should be primarily preventative. … Read More

Rebecca McDermott, NP

Education: Chamberlain College of Nursing Clinic: Maryvale I got into healthcare because I have this inner need to help people in any way that I can. I’m a very compassionate person, it’s a major part of my lifestyle. My husband’s nickname for me Happy Helperton. I believe everyone should have equal access to quality healthcare which is what I love … Read More

Lindsey Huck, PA-C

Education: Indiana University Clinic: Tempe I discovered my passion for healthcare as a teenager. I was really close with my grandparents and when I was in high school, they struggled with some health issues. I lived right next to them and was always interested in what was going on with them and that’s when I realized I wanted to go … Read More