Amy Homan, NP

EducationUniversity of St. Francis ClinicGoodyear For me, being a nurse is a calling, and I’ve wanted to take care of people for as long as I can remember. I grew up near the Ohio/Indiana border and just recently moved to Phoenix. I’m excited to be a part of Mountain Park because of our integration. Our first job is making sure … Read More

Rachel Prell, FNP

Board Certified EducationGrand Canyon University ClinicMaryvale The human body has always intrigued me and even as a little girl, I was always interested in health. I started my career as a nurse and continued my education to become a nurse practitioner. I’ve been with Mountain Park for several years now and the organization continues to impress me with all the … Read More

Rachel Sy, DO

Board Certified I grew up in Palmer, Alaska and have always wanted to be a doctor – many of my family members are doctors. I love the diversity at Mountain Park and what we accomplish here with our patients on a daily basis. I’m married with three kids. When I’m not working I enjoy traveling, gardening and learning languages like Spanish … Read More

Melissa Petrick, NP

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 5-years old so I appreciate every day I wake up. I got into healthcare because I love people and I wanted to make an impact. I just think people are the coolest. I first came to Mountain Park as a student. I did some of my clinical rotations with Dr. Lin and … Read More

Rachael Buckley, FNP

Board Certified I have always loved medicine. My mum was a caregiver so I grew up around that. I remember running around as a little girl with a nurses cape and stethoscope around my neck pretending to help people. I decided to become a Nurse Practitioner because I love the prevention aspect of medicine. It’s so rewarding helping people stay … Read More

Annie Cho, ANP

When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher. I have 2 younger brothers, and as their older sister I’d help them with their homework and be a role model. I really enjoyed teaching and tutoring. One part of my decision to go into healthcare is that growing up, both of my parents were unemployed. We didn’t have medical … Read More

Mohammad Abdullah, MD

Board Certified I was born in Vancouver, Canada and moved to Arizona after finishing school. The state has a lot to offer. I have always had a desire to help people and Mountain Park is a perfect place to be able to do that. Here you get to treat the whole patient with an entire care team. You also get … Read More

Sabrina Marmont, FNP

Board Certified When I was little I always wanted to be a doctor, even though I knew it would be a lot of work. When I was 16 I met a nurse practitioner and knew I wanted to be like her. I’ve always wanted to help people, and I met a lot of great people when I needed some medical care of … Read More

Corey Steinberg, MD

My interest in medicine started when I was young. After witnessing many health-related events within my family, I felt a strong connection to the medical profession. Now that I am a member of Mountain Park, I am extremely excited to help others. Working here has been a wonderful experience, from the excellent staff to the wonderful new clinic, I’ve been … Read More

Wayne Davis, DO

Board Certified When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut, so I could travel through space. But I settled on a career in healthcare because I knew it would be challenging, rewarding and would allow me to make a positive contribution. I’ve worked in several different practice settings as a physician and have found that I greatly prefer … Read More